Cleanup #1 Was a huge success!

THANK YOU to the 50 or so volunteers who came out yesterday to help clean up the site!  The place looks amazing now and we are in great shape going forward.  We had a great variety of people come out to help, from Northeastern freshmen to lifelong neighborhood residents.  Collectively, the team filled a roll-off dumpster with trash and debris.  

We also got the chance to meet about a dozen of the artists who will be gracing the walls and doors of the site with their work.  Some of them even helped us paint a sign for Mural fest on the exterior wall. In addition to the murals, we made arrangements for our first sculptural piece - a huge pair of sneakers that we will install on top of the little grey compressor building near Guild Street.  We can't think of a more appropriate piece of art for the site.

We hope that you'll all come back out to join us next Saturday from 10-3 when we continue the cleanup and work to finish installing the vinyl coverings over the garage doors

Thanks to Jeremy Alliger for taking photos!