A wall of hope...

We've been quiet on the blog and social media front while Boston has been gripped by the horrific tragedy and subsequent lockdown/manhunt/mass psychological event.  Our hearts go out to the victims of the violence and their families, and we hope that none of our readers were a part of the incident. 

But just because we've been quiet on the blog doesn't mean we haven't been active.  The first and most important piece of news is that in response to Monday's events, we asked our artists if any of them would be interested in taking on the largest wall on the site and turning it into an uplifting mural for Boston.  The 8-man crew at Team Rekloos answered the call with a stunning design.  With the help of a scissor lift donated by NES Rentals they started working on the wall today.  Here's what it looked like at 7:30 tonight with 25 gallons of black primer on it and the first characters sketched out.

The Wall of Hope takes shape on Washington Street.

The Wall of Hope takes shape on Washington Street.

Rekloos will be working on this wall all week.  When it's finished, it will be a moving tribute to those who lost their lives and the spirit of this great city of ours.  We invite you to stop by and take a look this week if you get a chance, and we'll update our social media outlets with pictures as they progress.

In addition to the wall, we had our second cleanup day this weekend.  A crew of about 25 volunteers came down and channeled their energy into making the site nearly spotless.  We're astonished by the transformation, and deeply indebted to those who helped.  In particular, the students from Northeastern University's Civic Engagement Program have been incredibly hardworking.

There are still a few odds and ends left to do, though, so grab your gloves and head on down for our third and final cleanup day this Saturday.  We have two areas left that need landscaping attention and a handful of garage doors left to cover with vinyl.  We'll also be showing the site off to the artists and helping any of them who need help with site prep, priming, etc.

Speaking of artists, we have now assigned all of the doors and walls to individual artists and teams.  We're just a few weeks away from May 11 and with our second major art piece going up it's starting to feel very real!  We can't wait to start introducing the site to our artists over the next few weeks and for the incredible transformation that will occur starting May 11.

Stay safe, stay Boston Strong, and come down to visit us this Saturday.  We'll post more pictures of the Wall of Hope over the coming days.