What a week! Before I Die, a new partnership, another event, internships, and more...

What an incredible week it's been!  The good news is coming in so fast we can hardly keep up.  Here's a short summary.

  • On Wednesday, our first art piece went up.  It's Before I Die, an 80-foot long chalkboard wall where passersby can share their dreams with the world.  The wall painting was organized by our own Michelle Murray with help from the wonderful people at YouthBuild Boston.  It's fair to call this an unqualified success!  The wall is literally covered from top to bottom in chalk writing, with some incredibly poignant notes.  In addition, it was covered in Universal Hub and on WBZ-TV.  
  • Tomorrow, we'll officially announce a partnership with our good friends at Harbor Arts.  To those who don't know about it, Harbor Arts is an amazing free outdoor sculpture park that just happens to be sited in the middle of Boston's last remaining working shipyard.  It's an incredible outdoor industrial art space in a neighborhood not usually associated with the arts...sound familiar?  To celebrate, we're having a joint event the weekend of June 15-16.  We'll have a facebook event up soon, for our "sculptural potluck and art swap," in which you'll be invited to bring certain objects to contribute to two sculptures that will reside at each site.
  • With so much happening, we're having a hard time keeping up with it all.  So we're officially recruiting interns for an unpaid summer gig unlike any other.  No fetching coffee and making copies here, these interns will be hands-on in every aspect of the event production process.  Know any college students who might be interested?  Send 'em our way!  Here's the link to the intern page.
  • We just cracked the FIFTY submissions mark for murals!  Holy painted walls, batman!  Fortunately we've got no shortage of space.
  • We're able to officially announce that we are partnering with Massart!  Professor Candice Ivy has two groups of students doing projects.  One will be a mural, the other will be a site-specific installation using mixed media and found objects from the site.  

We'll have lots more news to share soon.  In the meantime please make sure you join us for our first (and biggest) cleanup day next Saturday, April 13.  All of the info is on our Facebook event page.